Certified Arena Operator

Rules & Regulations

The CAO Credential and Annual Renewal

Candidates who earn the "Certified Arena Operator" credential attend and complete an intensive two-day curriculum presented by USIndoor at its annual national conference and pass a written exam.

Once certified, CAOs retain their certification so long as they attend the program’s annual reunion (e.g., banquet or luncheon) once every two years, held in conjunction with USIndoor's Annual Facility Operators Conference.

If Your Credential has Lapsed

Those whose credential has lapsed may gain reinstatement by any of the following:

  • 2017 Only: Attending the CAO Reunion and Conference in Baltimore;
  • Paying a $250 reinstatement fee;
  • Participating in an educational article for GO Indoor;
  • Speaking at a USIndoor Conference;
  • Repeating the CAO course (50% discount applies).

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