Session Highlights

Conference 2017

Session Highlights

New Speakers and Topics

It’s all about the content at USIndoor’s 17th Annual Facility Operators Conference, May 11-13 (Thursday-Saturday), in Baltimore, Maryland, and this year offers a host of new and engaging speakers and big ideas.  Get inspired, raise your self-awareness and effectiveness, and return home refreshed and loaded with great ideas and smart goals.

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Existing Facility Operators

After a rousing Keynote Address, dive in with fellow operators in Fits and Starts, focusing on programs in their early stages.  Discover trends and learn what new ideas are working and not working in our industry and why.  Sharing insights and experiences, participants will drill down to a personal level on what revenue opportunities and efficiencies exist, how to avoid or overcome pitfalls, and when to cut bait on laggards.

In the Idea Incubator sessions, key industry experts and outside professionals lead participants in core competencies with new sessions for existing operators on:

  • Hi Tech: The Facility of the Future
  • Professional Development: Skills, Duties and Relationships
  • Sponsorship
  • Working With Community Rightsholders
  • Pricing Strategies
Executive Symposium

Already close to a sell-out, this year’s Executive Symposium for facility owners and senior executives takes a big-picture approach in Day 1 with The Master Plan, exploring together the fundamental personal and business reasons for doing what we do. On Day 2 we focus more on the details of programs, processes, market fit, and on setting things right in So What Went WrongSee who’s registered.


S16ng-2Following the Keynote Address, Startups break off into their own dedicate learning track. Kick things off with the Introduction for Startups to learn about the first steps in starting an indoor sports facility and getting the most out of your Conference Experience. Then, learn about the importance of Feasibility and Business Planning, and get answers to the many questions about the Construction Process.

The second day of sessions includes an Introduction to USIndoor’s Providers, an exploration of Financing Methods, and a discussion on Risk Management and Insurance before wrapping things up with a session on marketing, management software, and Q&A.

“Take the Lead”

For further program details and ongoing updates, check out our Conference Schedule and our new USIndoor app (Apple App Store, Google Play Store), including the latest speaker information.

Plan your stay today!  Join us for our industry’s annual retreat and “go-to” event.  For details, including RegistrationItinerary, Attendee Lists, and Exhibitors, visit USIndoor Conference.

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