G League Training Women Refs

G League Training Women Referees

On Their Way to the NBA?

The NBA G League is training not just men for futures in the NBA, but women as well.

The G League has been developing coaches, players, and referees since it was founded in 2001. In the last 15 years, all of the referees hired to officiate in the NBA have had some G League experience, and nearly one in three of the referees in the G League for the 2017-18 season are women.

Lauren Holtkamp is the third full-time female referee in the NBA and the only one active, and she told Georgia radio station WDUN, “It was my experience that as my skill set deepened, so did my resolve to work at the highest level.” G League president Malcolm Turner concurred, noting that the league’s mission is to develop all talent for the NBA, not just players.

The 2017-18 season offers more opportunities for male and female referees to develop their skills. The G League is experimenting with four referees per game instead of the standard three.

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