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Founded in 1998, the United States Indoor Soccer Association ("USIndoor") is dedicated to the best interests of indoor soccer--its players, fans, coaches, leagues, tournaments, referees and sponsors.

USIndoor Soccer

Through the services of USIndoor, indoor soccer enthusiasts can keep updated on the latest news about the game, learn about upcoming tournaments and events, access official rules and regulations, find out about becoming a referee, reflect on the game's history and tap into a devoted fan base from all over the world.

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5 Aug

The Future of Futsal

Futsal is growing in the United States. What can it contribute to soccer as a whole and its players? More

23 May

IPL Launches, MASL Expands

The Major Arena Soccer League's preparation for 2016-17 is underway with addition of the El Paso Coyotes, while the Indoor Professional League launches in the fall. More

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