The United States Indoor Sports Association is empowering its members’ sustained success by providing a collaborative, active resource network.


Founded in 1998, the United States Indoor Sports Association (“USIndoor”) is dedicated to serving the interests of its diverse membership primarily consisting of multi-sport facilities, startups and the providers that serve them. Initially formed as the United States Indoor Soccer Association, USIndoor continues to feature indoor soccer, although, reflective of its members’ expanding programming, it has transformed into a truly multi-sport organization. Toward that end, USIndoor provides access to, and offers, a wide range of products and services that reflect the industry’s growing infrastructure, diversity and current trends.

USIndoor is a member organization, having an Advisory Board of Directors. As such, USIndoor functions first as a trade association, through which its Facility, Startup, and Provider Members can better achieve their business goals. Benefited by group buying power and capabilities of a international association, USIndoor’s facility members can cut costs, increase revenue opportunities, and improve the quality of their operations, whether directly through USIndoor or its industry affiliates.

For facility members, some of the unique benefits USIndoor offers include access to specific programming and expertise in the areas of insurance, marketing, revenue-sharing, youth programs, retailing, credit card processing, shipping, apparel, ATMs, energy procurement and conservation, office supplies and equipment, player cards, background checking, awards, and referee certification.

For startups, expanding facilities, and provider members, USIndoor offers referrals in building construction, synthetic grass, soccer boards, scoreboards, and management software. USIndoor also provides access to expert consulting and holds an annual Facility Operators’ Conference and Trade Show. The Conference has become the industry’s annual retreat for networking and keeping up on the business’s latest trends and information. Visit USIndoor’s Learning Center to learn more.

Players and fans can enjoy learning about the history and excitement of their favorite sport through USIndoor’s Sport pages. Additionally, for indoor soccer enthusiasts, USIndoor publishes Official Rules and sanctions its own Tournament Series.

No such organization currently exists for multi-sport and indoor soccer facilities like the United States Indoor Sports Association. With the total number of indoor soccer facilities, alone, estimated to be around 750, the indoor sports industry has witnessed average annual growth of about over 10% for the last decade! Through the growing popularity of other indoor sports, including lacrosse, volleyball, dodgeball, flag football, baseball, and field hockey, the trend is definitely upward, and USIndoor members are poised to benefit.

Working relentlessly for the indoor sporting industry and its members, USIndoor’s mission has “raised the bar” on what the public can expect from their community sport centers and has generated a sense of unity, stability, and leadership vital for the industry’s maturation. Furthermore, by supporting local youth, adult, and professional indoor soccer teams and their sponsors, every indoor sports enthusiast (and business opportunist) can be a part. In return, USIndoor pledges itself to promoting relationships that translate into greater exposure, faster growth, better programming, and more enjoyment for all those involved. Together, we are working to take this indoor sports industry to the next level of competitive play, commercial success, and popularity.

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