Exhibiting a wealth of experience in facility ownership and management, USIndoor’s professional corps of consultants offers to prospective and current operators industry-specific research developed over a decade in the business and guidance with a wide variety of needs. Projects range from tightly defined cases to broad issues of business planning, financing, and operations. All of USIndoor’s consultants have first-hand experience with their own facilities, from startup through day-to-day management, and continue to be deeply engaged in facility operation. Each is also a regular presenter at USIndoor’s annual Facility Operators Conference. Benefiting from their war chest of trials, errors, and successes as facility operators, clients may quickly absorb and place into effect what has taken years for others to learn.

Whether your need pertains to selecting a location, financing, marketing, sponsorship, rules and regulations, league organization and scheduling, public relations, or a combination, you have come to the right place. To learn more and get started, click the “Contact Us Now” link on this page and complete the form. Someone will be contacting you shortly. You are already halfway there to your reaching your dreams!

NOTE: Some USIndoor consultants operate as a team, others individually, as indicated below. Fees are negotiated on a case by case basis. Clients who choose to engage any of the consultants, approved by USIndoor, expressly waive all causes of actions, claims, etc., against USIndoor, including its owners, directors, members, and affiliates, for all actions and omissions and from all claims or causes of action, regardless of alleged negligence or intent and of the alleged damages or of the relief sought. USIndoor provides no warranty or representation of the services rendered or their results.

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The Sports Facilities Advisory (SFA) and The Sports Facilities Management (SFM) are transforming the youth and amateur sports industry through accurate forecasting, effective planning, and proven management systems. Aided by proprietary research tools, methodology, and financial modeling approaches, SFA produces institutional-grade financial forecasts and program plans for new and existing sports, fitness, recreation, and entertainment venues – indoor and outdoor sports complexes, aquatic facilities, tournament venues, community recreation, adventure parks, wellness centers, and waterparks. In 2015, SFM managed facilities hosted over 16 million unique guest visits, and the SFA|SFM Team has overseen the financial planning and development of a portfolio of more than $5 billion in sports, recreation, fitness, and entertainment venues to date.

Dev Pathik, Founder & CEO, SFA; Co-Founder, SFM

For more than 20 years, Dev has owned, operated, and advised a wide range of sport, adventure, education, and special events venues. His leadership has produced facilities that integrate traditional sports with special events, adventure sports, education, leadership-development, and amusement to turn early concepts into financeable and sustainable facilities that make a difference in communities. Dev is focused on the future of sport and the societal impacts that well-planned and managed operations can support. Under his leadership, SFA has become respected as the industry leader in strategy, program planning, and project finance; a position achieved through global brand presence and measurable impacts for communities. Dev’s expertise and thought leadership have been sought out by The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Market-Watch, CNBC, NBC, The Aspen Institute Sports & Society, The National Association of Sports Commissions, The National Recreation and Parks Association, The Sports Business Journal, Sports Travel Magazine and many others.

Jason Clement, CEO and Co-Founder, SFM

Jason is a highly experienced advisor, having provided strategy, financial, and operational expertise to new and existing venues throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean, Middle East, Canada, Asia, and Central America. Under Jason’s leadership SFA and SFM have developed into globally recognized leaders that are transforming the youth and amateur sports marketplace. Jason drives accountability, stability, organization, and focus within the SFA|SFM culture. Recognized by the Tampa Bay Business Journals as its “2012 40-under-40 Hall of Fame” honoree for business accomplishments and community/philanthropic involvement, Jason remains focused on the positive impacts of youth and community sport.


Eric Sullivan, Partner & EVP of Business Development

Eric developed the original financial and market analysis tools that SFA is most well-known for. Eric also led the first facility opening projects in our company history that paved the way for the launch of SFM. Since joining SFA & SFM, Eric has overseen and served as an advisor to hundreds of projects including market studies, financing plans, development plans, turn-arounds, and new facility openings. His work in domestic and international markets includes projects in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, United Kingdom, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East. Eric currently leads SFA & SFM’s expansion efforts in our continued vision to integrate sports, fitness, education, leadership development, and adventure sports into communities around the globe.

Founded by the principals of Soccer Blast International, one of the nation’s largest and most successful developers of indoor sports complexes, Pinnacle Indoor Sports provides a complete range of consulting services utilizing the expertise gained developing the national Soccer/Sports Blast chain of facilities. Rather than selling you on a pre-conceived template, the Pinnacle partners approach each opportunity with the goal of analyzing and adapting tried-and-true techniques to the unique aspects of each location and situation.

With an extraordinary 25+ years of experience in the indoor sports business, Pinnacle brings unmatched expertise to your project. They’ve been involved in every level of project, from preliminary market studies to day-to-day operations. They know this business.

Norm Gill, Partner

Norm has hands on experience in every aspect of an indoor facility’s development, construction and operation. He has personally operated two Soccer/Sports Blast facilities and has overseen the development, construction and operation of many others. Before founding Soccer Blast, Norm was principal owner of a construction company specializing in design/build industrial construction projects. His expertise includes location selection, construction, financing and business operation. Norm is a former member of USIndoor’s Advisory Board of Directors.

Jim Cline, Founder and Principal

Through The Goals Group, an indoor soccer consulting firm based in Columbus, Ohio, Jim Cline has been involved with soccer teams, soccer stores, and indoor facilities for more than twenty years. A former general manager with several indoor soccer companies, Jim consults full-time for facilities all across America. He is on the boards of several youth soccer associations in two states and has operated more than 50 youth soccer tournaments. His career has included more than twenty years in real estate development, commercial design and construction for several national firms. Jim was recognized recently by Major League Soccer as one of the top 100 soccer leaders in Ohio. His practice is limited to indoor soccer facilities and their related operations. He has been the featured indoor soccer speaker at the Athletic Business Conference. In addition to current projects in Illinois, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Indiana, California, Georgia, and Texas, Jim recently designed and opened The Soccer Spot in Grand Rapids, Michigan, one of the largest and most modern facilities in the United States. He is also an indoor soccer consultant to indoor equipment manufacturers and vendors as well as development groups, non-profit organizations, and municipal parks and recreation departments.

SMART Sports Facility Solutions is a full service sports facility consulting company specializing in operations, management, marketing and program development. With over 25 years of experience in sports facility management, SMARTS’s President, Gary Lindsey is considered an industry leader in facility optimization strategies. SMART is also capable of helping new facilities get started with comprehensive business plans, feasibility studies, pro forma projections and sponsorship procurement.

Gary Lindsey, Founder and President

Gary Lindsey is an industry-renowned facility management professional with more than 25 years of hands-on, day-to-day facility management and sports marketing experience. Gary began his career in the sports management business at Soccerama in Tampa, FL, at 17. A collegiate soccer and tennis player for Andrew College in Cuthbert, GA, Gary transferred to the University of South Florida, where he earned his B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing and management. Gary has provided facility management and consulting services for numerous clients with an emphasis in management, operations and marketing. As President of SMART Sports Facility Solutions, a small boutique sports facility consulting company, Gary offers a variety of services to facility owners, helping them solve complex issues surrounding operating large and small indoor/outdoor multi-sport facilities. A Certified Arena Operator, he currently holds a USSF “C” coaching license and has coached various ODP, youth, high school, and adult teams. Gary presents annually at the USIndoor Conference and instructs in the Certified Arena Operators curriculum.

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