Indoor Football Leagues Postponed

Coronavirus Impacts Seasons

Indoor football leagues, including the American Arena League, Champions Indoor Football, and Indoor Football League, have suspended their 2020 seasons due to the coronavirus outbreak.

All three leagues had started their seasons earlier in March. Like other sports league postponements, there is no timetable to return to play, and one AAL team independently canceled its season outright. Todd Tryon, who’s in his first year as the IFL commissioner, said the league has plans to continue this year and will pin the United Bowl championship to a later date in mid-August. “The unknown is when we will start…but we have every intention in playing the 2020 season.”

The National Arena League did not announce a suspension to the season, though its statement noted that policies at some arenas might impact scheduled games. The league said it is working on several options with the potential to delay the start of the season. Its first game is scheduled for April 4th.

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