Introducing the New Membership Experience

Coming Next Week!

USIndoor is pleased to announce YOUR new membership hub, transforming the way you interact with fellow industry friends and professionals all in one centralized platform.

  • Groups: Facility members can join a group (or several!)—based on geography, sport or other special interest—to meet, share knowledge, anticipate trends and find solutions with fellow facility operators.
  • Private Chats: Traveling or looking for something or someone specific? Search the Directory to make connections, do research, and widen your horizons.
  • Your Profile: Engage others through your uniquely customized account profile. Who knows? You could even start your own blog and gain a following!
  • Resource Library: Find archived articles, industry data, stock images, rulebooks, field diagrams, and more.
  • Career Center: Post an opening or look for one without leaving the USIndoor community. It’s free!

Stay on the alert for updates and activation instructions over the next several days. We’ve been working on this for months and are very excited finally to be able to share it with you!

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