Winter is Coming

Facility Operations with COVID-19

A winter dealing with COVID-19 is ahead and USIndoor provider members offer a host of necessary and timely programs, products and services:

  • Airius Fans (Chad Bonfiglio, 720-204-1236) – Pendant-hung fans, outfitted with UV bulbs that mitigate air and surface mold, bacteria, viruses and odor.
  • Candor Threads (Becky Galvez, 224-636-1680) – Machine-washable, reusable, custom-branded face masks made with double-sided, tightly-woven cotton. USIndoor-member quantity discounts.
  • Covermaster (Sandy Henderson, 416-745-1811) – Temporary barriers, modular partitions, and crowd control solutions for physical distancing.
  • Creative Works (Russ Van Natta, 317-834-4770 ext. 106) – Programming with social distancing, including modified activities and Esports.
  • LiveBarn (Ray Giroux, 917-847-7520) – Automated, subscription-based live and on-demand video for spectators to stream remotely.
  • Midwestern Janitorial (Rami Paulus, 248-881-7489) – Cleaning and sanitation consultation and janitorial services.
  • Monument Sports Group (Mark Grossman, 866-674-1234) – Assistance with state legislators, insurance and COVID-19 wiavers and protocols.
  • Pixellot (Stephen Hamilton, 213-321-9554) – An all-in-one solution to film, stream, and monetize sports content.
  • Profitable Food Facilities (Mike Holtzman, 858-748-7333) – Answers for delivering quality food and beverage services at a profit.
  • Pure-X (Larry Kinsman, 608-445-7707) – Hospital grade chlorine dioxide disinfectant that is effective on coronavirus, noncorrosive, and safe.
  • SnapSports (Jeff Vance, 801-746-0143 ext. 129) – Snap-together protective flooring for fields, expanding social distancing and space useage.
  • Steri Stand (Joe Cantillo, 310-498-1028) – Foot-activated hand sanitizer dispensers.
  • Tersano (Bo Batchelder, 919-414-6033) – Ozone cleansing that sanitizes and deodorizes simply, safely, and economically.
  • WSBSPORT (Pierfrancesco Iazeolla, +39 621 73 16 55) – Mobile robot for overnight sanitizing.

For more ideas, visit USIndoor’s Linkedin page, check Members-Only, and be sure to our Zoom meetings for facility operators to discuss operating under COVID-19 restrictions.

Thank you for allowing USIndoor to continue serving you during these pressure-filled times.

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