Digital Waivers for Indoor Facilities

Go Paperless With Smartwaiver

Smartwaiver digital waivers are designed and priced to help simplify the waiver signing process for facility operators — during registration and beyond. If you’re still using paper, PDF, or some sort of check-the-box waivers at your indoor facility, you’re adding a lot of unnecessary complexity and risk to your business. You’re also missing out on operational advantages that only digital waivers can bring.

Smart waivers are:

Quickly and easily set up, distribute, collect and store your waivers electronically. Smartwaiver works anywhere on just about any device–from your website, social media pages, on your emails and from tablets at your facility–with or without internet connectivity. Simply send your existing waiver to the Smartwaiver team and they’ll get you set up quickly.

Choose from several flexible, cost-effective online waiver plans. Prices start at just $15 per month, and there are no contracts. Upgrade and downgrade your plan based on your seasonal business levels.

No more passing paper waivers from person to person, adhering to your health and safety protocols. Customers can sign online ahead of time or present a QR code for in-person, contactless waiver signing.

Highly secure and backed up to the cloud, smart waivers are available when you need them. Plus, Smartwaiver’s patent-pending Auto Photo Capture technology adds an extra layer of identity verification, ensuring you know who signed your document and when.

With over 90 million waivers signed, you can rely on Smartwaiver for the help and answers you need to make your digital waiver experience seamless. You’ll also get valuable customer data from your digital waiver to make smarter business decisions.

Discover how Smartwaiver makes things easy for indoor sports facilities around the globe with a 30-day free trial, or contact Smartwaiver directly (541-316-8530,

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