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Background Check Services

USIndoor is pleased to offer comprehensive background check screening by S2Verify, a leading industry provider. The service is provided through a customized and personalized interface operated by USIndoor member, S2Verify, at specially negotiated member rates without any setup charges. Below you will find information on the different types of searches and associated pricing.

Email USIndoor to initiate the application process for background screenings. For verification purposes, include your name, title, facility name, address, and phone number.

QUESTIONS? Contact Customer Support about the background check process.

Endorsed by USIndoor, this service is an easy and secure solution to screen any volunteer or hire. S2Verify offers the ability to searches records from across all fifty states, plus the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico through their National Criminal Database and/or Local County Criminal Searches. National Criminal Database including sex offender registries from all fifty states, along with records including data from Department of Corrections, Admin Office of Courts, along with criminal records from various local counties and the Terrorist Watch list, among many other sources. Plus, the service can be customized and interwoven into your organization’s existing branding and website. For accounts not pre-established, setup takes 2-3 business days.

The basic screening offered includes the National Criminal Records File and Sexual Offender Registry. Additional screening packages are available, depending on the job, as set forth below, and can be requested by contacting Josh Preston.

In case of questions or concerns surrounding legal compliance, individual rights and privileges, or recommended searches, consultation with local counsel is recommended. Additional compliance information is available on S2Verify’s Resources Page.

Popular Searches w/ USIndoor Member Pricing*

National Criminal Database Package
A National Criminal Database search with a SSN trace and past address history search. Sources include Sex Offender Registry, Terrorist Watch List, Department of Corrections, Admin Office of Courts, Patriot Act Lists, OIG, SDN, OFAC, and HHS, among many others, and includes verification of convictions at the county level.
Single County Criminal / Other Public Record Search
County-level research conducted manually through electronic access or obtaining physical courthouse documents.
Federal Criminal / Other Public Record Search
Research for federal violations, which typically do not appear in county, state, or national criminal checks.
Statewide Criminal / Other Public Record Search
State research to identify records in one or more county within a state.
Motor Vehicle Record
An automated motor vehicles check for violations and citations.
* Additional pass-through fees, only, may apply. No set-up fees, maintenance fees, support or monthly fees.
Payment Options
  1. Organizations choosing to pay for screening will be billed directly.
  2. Individuals responsible for their own screening will be asked for payment during the application process.
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