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Referee Education & Development

Welcome to USIndoor’s Referee Education and Development Program, dedicated to the development of indoor soccer referees at all competitive levels of the game!

Upcoming USIndoor Certification Clinics

Referees: Register today to get certified for the season.
Facilities & Instructors: Contact USIndoor to schedule your clinic.

1/7Make Up Class for New Refs
Folsom Sports Complex
Folsom, CA, 10:00AM to 12PM (PST)
David Simmons
1/14ReCertification Class for Existing Refs for 2023
Folsom Sports Complex
Folsom, CA, 10:00AM to 12PM (PST)
David Simmons
1/14Calaveras Hills Park, Room 2
Carlsbad, CA, 8:30AM to 2PM (PST)
Ray Hackett
1/15ReCertification Class for Existing Refs for 2023
Folsom Sports Complex
Folsom, CA, 10:00AM to 12PM (PST)
David Simmons
1/21Location: Virtual via Zoom
Session Link HERE
Plymouth, MA, 6PM (ET)
Jason Tassinari
1/29New Referee Certification Clinic
International Indoor Soccer Arena
1311 Cuesta Arriba Ct. NE
Albuquerque, NM, 2-6PM (ET)
Chris Frazier
1/29Referee Certification Clinic
International Indoor Soccer Arena
1311 Cuesta Arriba Ct. NE
Albuquerque, NM, 6-8PM (ET)
Chris Frazier

Certification & Renewal

Certification takes place either live, including field and classroom instruction, or online, where locally permitted, under the supervision of national and local instructors. USIndoor offers four badge levels (Referee, State, National and Professional), subject to requirements below relating to experience, achievement and assessment. Renewal notices are emailed near the end of each calendar year. First-time referee certification is $60 and re-certification starts at $45, depending on the badge.

EZ Renew (online) is available, except in Northern California, and subject to testing or live clinic attendance every three years.  Upgrades may be annually requested. For more, see annual certification and upgrade requirements.

Lapsed Certifications: Those whose certification has lapsed beyond a year may be re-admitted by certifying anew for a Referee badge (currently $60) or, to maintain a higher level badge, by paying the fees owing for their lapsed period ($50 State, $55 National, $60 Pro per year) and the current year. As addressed above, live clinic attendance or a test may also be required.

Program Benefits

Administered by a certified, experienced, and professional staff of indoor soccer referees, USIndoor’s Referee Program is the only program in the world that offers the specialized education and training necessary for indoor soccer referees to receive a nationally recognized credential for local youth and amateur, regional and national tournament, and professional competition.


  • Interested in becoming a certified indoor soccer referee
  • Eager to improve your skills for assignments to higher levels of competition
  • A facility, league, tournament, or other organization interested in improving your games’ officiating
  • Looking to fortify your independent contractor status
  • Planning to hold USIndoor sanctioned competitions



Included with Certification

  • Admission to one (1) Referee Training Clinic
  • USIndoor’s “Official Rules of Indoor Soccer”
  • USIndoor Referee Badge (velcro patch)
  • Membership in USIndoor
  • Insurance (active referees only): $1,000,000 General Liability (no deductible); $25,000 Supplemental Medical ($500 deductible). For details, see Certificate of Insurance.

For additional information about USIndoor’s Referee Program, email, including your full name, date of birth, years of indoor experience (if any) and description, address, and telephone number.


Annual Certification & Upgrade Requirements

Recertification (i.e., annual renewal) is available to existing USIndoor referees in good standing only. Badges are good through calendar years, renewable online in most locations, and subject to testing and clinic requirements at least every three years, depending on additional local requirements. Assessment Requests, whether for badge upgrades or other maintenance, may be requested anytime. For upgrade requests submitted to USIndoor around the time of annual renewal, apply for recertification at the existing badge rate (i.e., before any upgrade), rather than for the more expensive higher badge. Successful upgrades during the year would require an exchange of old and new badges.

Email if your badge is lapsed or lost. Recertifying referees whose badges are lapsed can certify again, as if new, at the Referee level ($60), or, subject to the referee’s local instructor, pay for lapsed years to keep a higher badge. See directly above for minimum testing and clinic requirements. Lost badges incur a $15 replacement charge, subject to availability.

BadgePrerequisitesCertified ForAnnual Fee
RefereePass written & physical test with 90% or higherYouth & Amateur Games$45.00
  • 1 year as Referee
  • 50 indoor games
  • 2 Assessments with 80% Score
Youth & Amateur Games$50.00
  • 2 years as State Ref
  • 100 indoor games
  • 3 State Assessments with 85% or higher
  • Youth & Amateur Games
  • Regional & National Tournaments
  • 3 years as National Ref
  • 1 year as a floor referee in a pro indoor league
  • 150 indoor games
  • 4 Assessments with 90% or Higher
  • Youth & Amateur Games
  • Regional & National Tournaments
  • Pro Leagues

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