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Player Discipline Guide

Players and guests are expected to conduct themselves with courtesy and sportsmanship at all times while in and around the facility. Those who do not conform, who fail to abide by the rules of the game, or who pose safety risks to themselves or others are subject to disciplinary action, including fines and permanent suspension. All USIndoor facility members should publish written disciplinary policies, well-known to players and guests, based on the standards set forth herein. USIndoor further recommends that one executive manager of the facility be designated to manage and enforce such policies.

All players should be required to:

  • Acknowledge and agree to all Facility rules and procedures, including those regarding registration, waivers, rules, and conduct
  • Pay promptly all financial obligations owing to the facility
  • Sign the team roster
  • Comply with team uniform and facility equipment requirements

All players should be aware that:

  • All officials are certified by United States Indoor Soccer Association
  • Teams do not have a choice of officials for their games
  • All officials calls will stand and may not be protested
  • Officials have full authority to manage players on, and in in the immediate vicinity of, the field of play
  • Rules of the game are posted on the facility website and substantially comply with The Official Rules of Indoor Soccer, as certified by USIndoor

The consequences for a player or coach receiving a blue, yellow or red card are as set forth in the Rules. Nonetheless, the facility reserves the right to impose additional disciplinary sanctions in the event of a red card. In such case, the game official will prepare and submit a thorough written report of the incident. The facility shall evaluate the incident in the manner it deems to be in the best interests of the facility and as the facts may dictate. Subject to such conditions and objectivity, the facility may impose sanctions, including but not limited to one or more of the following:

  • Formal written warning
  • $50 Fine
  • 1-game suspension (automatic)
  • Season-ending suspension
  • Permanent suspension, with right to make a written request for reinstatement after serving one entire suspended season
  • Team sanction, including one or more of the foregoing
  • Notice to other leagues and facilities

Examples of surrounding circumstances that the facility may choose to consider include:

  • Severity of the incident
    • 1-Game suspension (minimum)
      • Verbal abuse of referee, spectator, or manager
      • Foul causing injury
    • Season-ending suspension (minimum):
      • Foul caused with intent to injure
      • Other physical violence
      • Spitting on anyone
      • Damage to facility property
  • Injury surrounding the incident
  • Clearing of benches
  • Drugs or alcohol
  • Cause of the incident
  • Retaliation by others
  • Player’s behavior after a sufficient “cooling off” period
  • Conduct/bias of the game official
  • Untruthfulness during any investigation
  • Refusal to leave the facility
  • Prior incidents involving the player
  • Effect on customers or community reputation

The facility shall bear full and sole responsibility for determining, communicating and enforcing any sanction as it sees fit. There shall be no protests or appeals of the facility’s decision, once final.

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