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Official Tournaments

Indoor soccer is a year-round international sport with a thriving tournament structure. Whether you are looking to pit your skills against broader competition or attract wider interest for an existing tournament, the United States Indoor Soccer Association is here to offer support to teams, leagues, facilities, promoters and sponsors!

USIndoor facility members interested in even more can seek sanctioning, as explained below. Become a Member.

USIndoor Tournament Series

Indoor soccer teams can participate in any number of tournaments located throughout North America and recognized by the United States Indoor Soccer Association. Write to for local tournament and travel opportunities.

Practically any indoor soccer league, tournament, or event series can become sanctioned and become an official member of USIndoor’s Tournament Series. There are no fees and many reasons to join.

Host Benefits
  • Utilize the USIndoor brand to promote your event locally and regionally to generate new business.
  • Gain notoriety throughout the year through a variety of widely publicized media sources by being part of USIndoor’s Tournament Series.
  • Learn how tournaments can drive incremental revenue in between seasons and during slow periods from registration fees, retail sales and concessions.
  • Network with other participating facility operators.
  • Become eligible to host regional and national events, in which you keep the profits.
  • Incentivize players and reward referees and staff with nationally publicized events.
  • Bolster your event’s local sponsorship potential.
  • Earn a revenue share in national sponsorships, as the Tournament Series grows.
Eligibility Requirements

All event producers are USIndoor members in good standing.

The event provides pre-approved liability coverage naming USIndoor as an “additional insured”.

The event complies with generally accepted standards surrounding player eligibility and discipline, media, promotion and public relations, operations and staffing, equipment and maintenance, safety conditions and procedures, and all applicable laws.

Competitions comply with official rules of the game (see Rules), officiated by USIndoor certified referees (see Referees).

The event exhibits at least one official USIndoor banner in view of each playing field’s spectators. Contact USIndoor for artwork and a referral to a signage producer.

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