Don Shapero

Don is the Founder and President of the United States Indoor Sports Association and United States Indoor Soccer Association. He was instrumental in the organization of the professional World Indoor Soccer League in 1998 and managed the league as its Chief Operating Officer until 2000, when he began full-time work at USIndoor. Prior to forming USIndoor in 1998, he was Director of Operations of the Continental Indoor Soccer League, which he joined in 1995 after having practiced law for several years.

Other soccer affiliations have included the following bodies of the United States Soccer Federation: the National Board of Directors of the Professional Council (1995-1997), National Credentials Committee (1995-1998), and Constitutional Commission (1997-1998). He was also Chairman of the USSF’s Committee of Indoor Soccer (1997-1998). In 1992, Don was a volunteer attorney for World Cup USA 1994.

Don received his Bachelor’s Degree (1984) and Juris Doctor (1989) from the University of Virginia and his Masters of Business Administration (1986) from New York University. After 13 years in Los Angeles, he and his family moved to Arlington, Virginia, in 2002. Another six years later, he found himself back in his hometown of Tidewater, Virginia, along with daughters, Ida and Mira, and son, Elias.

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