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Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about starting a new sports facility. We highly recommend getting involved and speaking with our membership. The industry is so unique that there is no one formula that works in all areas.

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Prices vary by area of country, size of field, amount of tempered glass, etc. A typical field 84′ x 185′ would cost between $120,000-$180,000.

The cost of building depends on the size and type. Please consult USIndoor members The Farley Group and Lainco or a local contractor. Prices range from $18 per square foot to $40 per square foot.

That depends on size and number of fields desired.

That depends on size and number of fields desired. Generally, about 2.5 acres is a good estimate.

Field sizes vary. The United States Indoor Soccer Association suggests 75’x185′ with a wide variance. In general, the size of the field will depend on the size of the building and program mix. Click for official field diagram or Official Rules.

USIndoor Soccer recommends a ceiling height of 30 feet in the specifications directly above. Building size will dictate the programs to be offered and should reflect your business plans.

Population is difficult to judge because of the makeup of residents. A good rule of thumb is 10,000 players within 45 minutes of the site per field.

There are numerous one-field facilities in the industry. Most experts, however, would recommend a minimum of two major fields for cost-efficiency. Ultimately, the answer should factor market size and available space.

Costs of operation vary by location with factors such as utilities, real estate taxes, staff costs, etc.

USIndoor Soccer’s Official Rules provide for 20-minute halves, subject to house rules. Games are scheduled every 45 to 50 minutes.

Based on the formula directly above, each week can host a minimum of 80 games per field.

The length and time for the season depends on location. In the north, the indoor soccer season runs from October 1st to mid-April. In the south, the season runs from April to October because of the heat. Sessions average eight weeks.

The industry abides by a variety of pricing models, including individual, member, and team fees. Average charge per game per sport varies by location and competition from $100 to $400 per team per game.

Staff payroll varies by location and competition. Referees, whether treated as independent contractors or employees, tend to earn between $10 and $35 per game depending on the level of the league and the sport.

Cleats will reduce the life of the turf by about 50%. We suggest use of turf shoes.

Extra income can come from membership fees, admission fees, childrens programs, seniors programs, tournaments, mothers programs, and many more. Find numerous other ideas in USIndoor’s Startup Manual, available to members, Resources, and Consultants.

Visit our Startups Resources page. You can also contact USIndoor at or call 703-820-2810.

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