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“Know Your Game.”

In USIndoor, facility members gain a trusted resource for confronting issues and a national brand to support their own. With numerous revenue and cost-saving programs, benchmarking data, resources, and networking and educational opportunities, USIndoor members are positioned to improve their bottom line and gain satisfaction in the service of their communities.

USIndoor is proud to begin serving the people in our industry with a membership designed just for you! Available in low monthly installments and geared toward your own professional development and career advancement, USIndoor’s vast network of resource affiliates, educational offerings and experience in the industry, can often find answers to many of today’s complex business needs.

USIndoor is the only trade association for the indoor recreational sports industry, targeting turf and court multi-sport facilities. Industry providers join USIndoor to gain access to facility and startup members and increase brand awareness. Most will exhibit at USIndoor’s annual conference, while many benefit during the year through advertising, sponsorship and lead generation.


An association is a community that shares a vision. USIndoor members acquire an identity and inhabit a network where they leverage market strength and experience. “Know Your Game” is our motto.

Members connect at USIndoor’s Annual Conference and throughout the year through social media, dedicated to existing operators, up-and-coming startups and goods-and-services providers.

The association’s collective knowledge translates into each member’s ability to enhance customer experience, and USIndoor’s popular National Directory and Resource Guides extend market reach.


Member providers and the USIndoor Network, a revenue-sharing program, provide a variety of alternative, including off-peak, options to improve Product Mix and raise incremental revenue.

Provider members, specialized in the indoor recreational sports community, offer convenience, plus cost-effective solutions from Buildings and Fixtures to Technology and Insurance, and More.

Since 2001, USIndoor’s corps of independent Consultants and other professionals have been helping members with special needs and projects occurring throughout the business life cycle.

Learning Center

Members’ growing Reference Library contains a wealth of information and knowledge, accumulated from well over a decade: articles, profiles, surveys, forms, images and other references.

USIndoor’s annual GO Indoor magazine, bi-weekly E-Insider, and Annual Industry Survey help spread best practices, determine demographic and financial norms, and promote sound decisions.

USIndoor’s 2-day CAO class emphasizes day-to-day management and is the industry’s only professional credential. It takes place in even years with USIndoor’s Annual Conference.

Membership Hub

USIndoor’s new membership is transforming the way you interact with fellow industry friends and professionals in one centralized platform. Join discussion groups, have private chats, customize your profile, browse the resource library,  and post an opening in the career.

Watch a video introducing the new hub, and log in today to update your profile or join USIndoor.



New Collaboration to Provide Expanded Turf and Netting to Indoor Soccer Facilities Across the Nation.

K.C. Whitlow
LPG Sports Academy

USIndoor…has helped us gain a lot of contacts in the sports industry, and helped us ultimately grow our business.

Angela Smith-Duncan
Open Court Sports Complex

“The continued support and guidance OCSC receive from USIndoor has helped me develop business processes which have been essential and effective for revenue generation improvements! Grabbing a call is quick and easy any time of the year.” 

Tom Cox
Elite Performance Academy
Facility Manager

“Working with Chuck and USIndoor has not only been a pleasure but has proved to be vital.  His patience, knowledge, and experience has been instrumental in our growth as a business and is a resource I wish I would have found years ago.”

Eileen W.
Sports Center of Richmond (VA)

Having access to the Monument Sports insurance program has been hugely beneficial not only in lower premiums but in helping with potential and real claim situations.  Assistance on waivers, certificates of insurance, and other risk management help has been fantastic.

Jamie H.
Total Sports Experience (NY)
General Manager

If you’re in this business, I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be a member. I always recommend USIndoor, if you’re a startup or even if you’re already operating. It’s a no-brainer to go there and learn some stuff.

Mark G.
The Monument Sports Group

For the cost, what you get is a tremendous value, and to sit and be able to talk to other facility owners from different areas of the country, take advantage of the library or the rulebook…there are so many reasons to be a member.

Craig W.
Kids, Inc.
Executive Vice President

We really appreciate USIndoor for what they’ve done to make relationships with providers and make it beneficial for us as a customer.

Bryan G.
AthleteTrax & Pineapple Payments
Vice President

As an industry provider, the primary value is the access to all these different facilities and get that information on who’s in the space – who the new startups are, where the expansions are coming in, and where the hot areas are.

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Social Media

Catering to existing facility operators, startups, and industry providers, USIndoor provides places for members to get to know each other, share ideas, and learn from each other to grow their businesses. Share what’s going on at your facility by tagging your posts with #USIndoor.

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